5 months – 36 months


ROCKIN’ TOTS (5–12 mos.)

Introduce your child to the world of music and rhythm through a combination of Orff-Schulwerk and Kodaly principles that nurture infants’ musical, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Classes encourage parent-child interaction and incorporate melody, singing and f ingerplay using live music played on a variety of instruments.

DANCE & JINGLE (13–36+ mos.)

Offered to children that are walking, Dance & Jingle builds updon the principles introduced in Rockin’ Tots and adapts them to the abilities of our toddlers.

PARENT & ME (14–24+ mos.)

Designed for walking toddlers, Parent & Me provides toddlers and their parents a wide variety of opportunities for social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Classes encourage children to celebrate Shabbat, make new friends, and experience our Nursery School setting and routine with parental guidance.

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